Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations: Share Your VMware Expertise at VMUG Romania!

We are excited to invite all passionate members of our community to come forward and share their experiences with VMware solutions. Your insights and stories have the power to inspire and enlighten others, making our community even stronger.

Presentation Details

Duration: 15-20 minutes
Number of Speakers: One or more
Venue: On-site in Bucharest
Date: 1st November 2023
Language: Presentations can be delivered in English or Romanian
Guidance: We are happy to offer guidance if needed

Your Story Matters

Every VMware administrator harbors a wealth of experiences that deserve to be heard. Whether it’s an ingenious production implementation, pushing system limits to the max, ingenious workarounds, unadvertised challenges and their solutions, indispensable tools and scripts, or the lessons learned from critical downtime, your story holds immense value.

Remember, what may seem routine to you could be a game-changer for someone else.

Unveil Your Expertise

No matter how unconventional or raw your idea may be, we encourage you to share it with us. Your unique perspective could very well be the spark that ignites innovation within our community.

Submission Deadline: 30 September 2023

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Constantin Ghioc

I usually play with vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator and different AWS tools. In my other life, I’m a husband and a father, an amateur photographer and a Go enthusiast.

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